26 February

Automated Tube Labeller

Published in C2M

Project Overview

Automated Tube Labeller, for a leading Medical Lab Diagnostic Equipment Organization.

Project Detail

Srushty team took the overall design and development process of the product, right from studying the field requirement and deriving the basic specification to transferring to production manufacturing.

The client, very systematically enabled Srushty team to gain exposure to the domain and aptly supported the product design and development process.

The product, right from conceptualization, was aimed to have unique slender form factor, to enable positioning of the equipment (generally narrow) phlebotomy table at the labs.

The styling, the automation function, user experience, mechanical engineering, electronic control design, embedded system, firmware, first level application software, sourcing, prototyping, testing, vendor development and transfer to manufacturing was fully done by Srushty.

The system ergonomics, function and ability to reduce over 43% error at the early stage of the diagnostic lab process, earned “Time of India Medicall 2014 Innovation - Bronze” Award.




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